4 Tips for Maintaining your Hardwood Countertop

It may be tempting to treat alljust like butcher blocks, but you could end up with an ugly, unhealthy countertop that doesn’t last very long if you cut food and rest pots on a wooden countertop. Some homeowners install butcher block counters so they have an automatic work surface, but using the countertop as a cutting board could invite bacteria and may be more work in the long run.

Here are a few tips for ideal wood countertop maintenance:

Tip 1: Cut it Out

Don't cut directly into wooden countertops. They may look just like cutting boards, but the real cutting board is easier to clean and it is meant to have cuts, nicks and dents. Not only will knives cut into a countertop, but they can leave bacteria in the countertop surface.

Tip 2: Don't Let it Burn

Don't rest hot pots, pans or trays directly on a wooden countertop. The drastic temperature changes is not good for wood. Overtime, you might experience cracking, warping and other damages on your beautiful wooden countertop. Protect your wooden countertop from burns by placeing a trivet or potholder between the countertop and hot dishes or cooking vessels.

Tip 3: Catch it Quickly

If anything spills on wooden countertop, try to wipe it up quickly. Although our hardwood countertops come with a durable waterproof polyurethane finish, the coating may degrade overtime with regular use. Water and stains can certainly soak into the wood is the countertop has not been maintained properly.

Tip 4: Sand it Away

A quick and light sanding will typically clear up light scratches, burns or stains on your wooden countertops. Always use the finest grit you can get away with, then follow up with 180-grit finishing sandpaper. Then reapply wipe-on polyurethane, which can be easily bought at your local hardware store. Or, contact us for help. We are always happy to help.